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  1   PE Protection Nets (Shade, scaffold nets, etc.)
  2   Windbreak Barriers
  3   PE Anti Bird Mesh
  4   PE Hail Protection & Olive Collection Nets
  5   PE Raschel Sack for vegetable & fruit packaging
  6   PE Tubular Sleeves & Rolls for vegetable & fruit packaging
7 PE Fruit Protection Sleeve Date/Grape/Banana Protection
  8   Net Wrap for round agricultural bales
  9   Net Wrap for pallet wrapping
  10   PP Yarn Baler/Commercial Twines
  11   PP Yarn Cable Fillers for electrical & instrumental cables
  12   PP Yarn Fibrillated Tapes for concrete structures
  13   PE Raffia Tape Yarn & Straps
  14   PE and PP Fibers for the construction industry
  15   HDPE Blown Films
  16   HDPE Monofilament Yarns
  17   PP Yarn Fibrillated Tapes
  18   PE Raffia Tape Yarn

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