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The company Commercial Registration No. is 10101303512 and its Chamber of Commerce Membership No. is 69357. Al-Faisal Security Company (AFS) is a member company of the NAFA Group.  This company was established to provide security services in the Kingdom.  Services are provided on a 24 hour basis to banks, jewelry stores, malls, industrial institutions and other customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The tremendous development boom that has taken place in the various aspects of economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia resulted in great achievements in all major sectors in a short period of time. These developments and achievements increased the importance of Security and Safety requirements. Security and Safety represent inseparable part of the government total security objectives.

Al-Faisal Security Company as a national private Security company, works under the Security umbrella of the Saudi government and the directions of the Public Security in the Ministry of Interior.

The company is a security provider for many different private and public sectors.

For further inquiries, please call Tel. No: 4708888 ext 3181 & 2037, Fax No. 4708360/4708361/4708362, E-mail:

Head Office
NAFA Building - 536 Takhassosy St., P.O. Box 230099 Riyadh 11321, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 1 470-8888 Fax: +966 1 470-8855 Toll No.:

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