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      You are kindly requested to fill up this form to enable us understand and study your security requirements:  
  1   Initial description of buildings
  2   Number of floors require guarding
  3   Number of doors in each floor
  4   Number of security guards at main gate
  5   Standby security guards
  6   Patrol Security guards
7 Standby and patrol security guards
  8   Number of required security guards
  9   Number of patrol cars
  10   Personal (Body) guard for VIP's & high officials
  11   Number of personal (Body) guards
      According to the description of your building:  
  1   The number of floor
  2   Number of door in each floor
  3   Number of security guards at the main gate
  4   The standby security guards
  5   The patrol security guards
  6   The standby and patrol security guards
  7   Total security guards

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