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Al-Faisal Security has developed a unique experiences in diversified security fields, through engagement in vast security service. Al-Faisal Security has served and now serving a wide range of customers in the public and private sectors including embassies, consulates, airports, residential compounds, banks, hospital, hotels and schools.

Al-Faisal Security is very keen to employ Saudi nationals who have adequate experience in the military and security domains. Also it gives high attention to qualification and training programs to enable its personnel and security guards to take up and carry out the required security tasks.

Al-Faisal Security, furnishes its customers with the latest security equipments upon their request. This includes fire alarm, burglar alarm, access control, CCTV and remote monitors by using telephone lines connected with the Company’s control room, to monitor buildings, palaces, villas, etc. during the absence of its residences on  vacation. In addition to the above services Al-Faisal also provides car-bone and on foot patrol services at the work sites to capture in coordination with official security men any suspected.


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