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SACMAC provides a wide range of Training & Software Development services and programs. These are supported by a comprehensive range of workshops, seminars and media based courses.  SACMAC's  services build a complete program - one that can be outsourced by the customer, if desired.

SACMAC focuses on providing strategies for high performance through creating a learning environment within organizations.

The complete program contains the following types of services:

Task Analysis:

Provides detailed job and task descriptions and relates these to training if required

Competency  Analysis:

Compares staff abilities to pre-agreed corporate or industry standards

Training Needs Analysis:

A ‘snapshot’ of the client’s current training activity, through staff interviews, is undertaken. This snapshot detailed training plan by finding out the training needs of the client.

Training Planning:

SACMAC has found that strategic and tactical objectives form the background for future training programs - These programs are often performed in conjunction with a Needs Analysis

Live Courses:

Courses on any topic are staged through strategic alliances between SACMAC and training suppliers

Multimedia Courses:

The best self study training courseware from the world’s leading producers are available through SACMAC. Arabic language courses are also now being offered

Learning Centres:

SACMAC’s well established and complete design, planning, implementation and operation programming allows Learning Centres to be incorporated into client training plans with minimal time spent by the client.

Training Facilities Management:

SACMAC provides full facilities for clients wishing to outsource their training department, or selected parts only, thus allowing the client to concentrate on its core business.

The Training Programs covers the following areas:

  •       Information Technology

- Legacy Systems   - Software Engineering
- Client/Server  - Small/Mid Range Systems
- Business Process Reengineering - Object Oriented Technology
- Telecommunications - Open Systems
- Desktop Computing    - Databases 
  •       Business and Management

- Organizational  Development   - Finance
- Management & Leadership  - Coaching and Job Rotation
- Managing Cash Flow - Delegation
- Effective Budgeting  - Appraisals
- Customer Service  - Project Management
- Sales   - TQM
- Marketing - Business Communications
- Business Strategy - ISO



 1. TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS                                                    

For any training program to succeed, the client's needs must be properly identified

SACMAC’s Consulting Services Division offers Skills Assessments, Training Needs and Analyses to its clients.  The first of these projects identifies the skill sets of the clients’ staff, and the second provides the status of current training programs. Each project is individual and specific, with the information gathered being treated with utmost confidentiality.

For training projects to be meaningful, they should be repeated on a regular basis.  The timetable for the repeat training entirely at the client’s discretion, although SACMAC recommends a frequency of one year.                          

SACMAC’s Consulting Services Division has had many years’ experience of analyzing clients’ training requirements.  It finds that the most frequently needed training falls into the following areas:                                                     


Personal Development                                  

DeskTop Computing                                     

Mainframe & Legacy Systems                      

Technical & Industrial Skills                        

Health & Safety                                             


It is because of the above findings that SACMAC has directed the greater part of its energies to satisfying those areas.  However, SACMAC provides a total training service that includes other training areas.                                                                        

 2. LIVE COURSES - workshops and seminars                         

Instructor led training is vital to the specific learning needs of both the employee and the employer

SACMAC supplies a series of the finest live training available, This is done through strategic alliances with trainers, training organizations  and universities throughout Europe and the States.  Tailored and private training events can be staged at the client's premises or at SACMAC, or as an alternative, students can attend public courses, either locally or overseas.

Following the results obtained in the Training Needs Analysis, SACMAC supplies the required workshops and seminars to suit the client’s own timetable.

3. MULTIMEDIA COURSES                                                                            

Multimedia is the combination of text, graphics, sound, video and computer simulation.

The use of Multimedia as part of an integrated training program is proven to be the most efficient and cost effective method of transferring skills.  This is because it enables students to attain a minimum standard prior to taking a live workshop.  In fact there are many advanced courses that can  be substituted for traditional lectures.

Multimedia’s flexibility allows it to supplement the live learning process, and to provide revision facilities.

Multimedia provides ‘Just In Time’ training that will work consistently whenever the client chooses to implement the training.

Multimedia accommodates differing individual learning styles, thus enabling users to learn at their own pace and to achieve their required results more quickly.

Some of SACMAC’s Multimedia training is already available through the Internet and Intranet.


In today’s increasingly competitive environment, it is more difficult to maintain market share, let alone increase it. To offset some of the obstacles to increased productivity, many organizations throughout the world are outsourcing some or all of their non-core functions.

One of the most frequently outsourced areas is the Training function.  This is a vertical function that does not have to relate to the client’s core business, and is therefore a prime outsourcing candidate.

Training Facilities Management is the complete assumption of the training function by a third party organization that then becomes the client’s training department, This leaves the client to concentrate on achieving its own corporate objectives. SACMAC is positioned to become the largest Training Facilities Management organization in the region, due to its extended training services capability and product offerings that cover the entire training spectrum.

SACMAC has an automated system that tracks all computer based training products (CBT).  Live courses can also be evaluated by the use of a CBT final examination, whereupon the results will become part of the automated data base.  Full reports can be printed as required.


The Market Place

To exist in today’s market economy, organizations must strive to increase growth and profits, reduce costs, and remain competitive - i.e. they must improve the bottom line.

To enable these mandatory criteria to be met, specific foundations must be laid. The most important building block is a sound strategic plan, accompanied by business and  marketing plans that must acknowledge the competition.   The organization must have a structure that is supported by effective policies and procedures, and there must be a competent work force at all levels of staff and management.        

The People

When you improve your people, you improve your organizational performance, productivity, and competitiveness.  These in turn will directly improve the basic Market Economy criteria, as they apply to you.

To improve your people performance and skills, you  must train them.  They are the heart of your organization.  

The Training

Your top people need excellent planning, management and business skills to run your organization.  They must also communicate effectively across the entire work force.

Your staff need trade related skills, and Information Technology skills as computers are an integral part of today’s working environment.  Your people must be trained and retrained.  The training process never ends.                          

The Result

When your organization is fully prepared for training, and your people are trained, their performance and productivity will improve, the time needed for work tasks will lessen, and both quality and customer care will take a leap forward.  You will save time and money by having an integrated training plan, and the training will be delivered on a Just in Time basis - ensuring maximum value for money.  You will also have created a learning environment that enables you to maintain growth and profit.        

The Partnership

SACMAC is the perfect training partner, as it provides all training and training related services to its clients.  You can have your training analyzed to look for improvements, install new training plans, have your people trained and, if required, receive appropriate certification.

SACMAC can perform these functions directly for you as a supplier or as an outsourced training department, performing all required functions as if it was one of your corporate departments.                                                                 


SACMAC’s objective is to continually improve and expand its products and services, to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic market place.  Saudisation has highlighted that training is a  must, and therefore,  SACMAC is specifically layering language needs across its training products and services.  SACMAC is also poised to assist those individuals who have not received the benefit of University Certification, by providing learning programs that build towards such certification.                                                       


English is recognized globally as the international language of Business and Trade, and therefore it is the appropriate language for much of our training.  However, there are many individuals who do not have a command or even any knowledge of English, particularly in junior positions.  SACMAC has commenced the translation of selected courses into Arabic.  The first courses will be for Customer Service, followed by selected DeskTop Computing topics. English Language training is already available with Arabic support.                                    


SACMAC provides flexible on-site One Company Tailored training, in the form of customized courses and programs made up from existing or specifically developed components.

SACMAC also develops tailor-made Multimedia applications to meet user specific requirements.

Although the price of such customization may sometimes seem high, when one considers the immediate benefits that accrue, it can be the most cost effective solution available.

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