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State Of The Art Air Heating

We are the first company to replace black iron combustion chambers with stainless steel ones. We have two basic ideas for our air heaters.

  • Combustion quality

  • Long service life

These winning ideas explains the growing success of EuroEmme all over the world. Due to the worsening quality of fuels we now also supply stainless flues and heat exchangers.

During the last few years, we have invested heavily in modern manufacture processes. Our air heater components are designed on computers and are manufactured by computer aided machinery.

Specification Details

The combustion chamber has an exclusive cylindrical design which works by flame inversion to reach high combustion temperatures.

The self cleaning design of the combustion chamber gives high C02 levels and no soot. The chamber walls retain clear giving lower maintenance requirements and clean combustion equals high combustion efficiency.

Advantages of Air Heating

Greenhouse air heating is increasing all over the world as it is recognized as the most efficient. It is easy to install and run. Installation costs are four to ten times cheaper than traditional hot water systems. Air acceptable to any situation.

EuroEmme air heaters are supplied complete with the following accessories:

  • Electronic thermostat

  • Two meters stainless steel flue

  • Stainless steel cap and roof plate

The thermostat controls the fan motor, either manual or automatic, and will switch off the burner in case of overheating.

Heaters are either light oil (diesel) or gas (propane LPG met hane) fired. The burner is fixed to an insulated plate, a spy hole in pyroglass to check combustion is included. An inspection plug, installed on fan heater side, gives direct access to the combustion chamber and heat exchanger.

The heater housing is pre-coated galvanized pluvimag steel for protection against corrosion.




Hanging air heater with twin air outlet


Mobile air heater


Centrifugal Fan




Axial Fan


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