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NAFA Medical is a division of NAFA Enterprises, Ltd. within the NAFA Group.  Its Commercial Registration No. is 1010068664 and its Saudi Chamber of Commerce Membership No. is 31186.  It represents a wide group of leading international medical manufacturers.

NAFA Medical is rapidly expanding and has committed itself to assist in the development and progress of the health care sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NAFA Medical has specialty of the following main departments and over 70  professional sales and marketing people. This is supported by NAFA Enterprises financial, admin, materials management, engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and other departments with about 600 qualified staff. and 9 branches and many sub-distributors all over the country. This branch operates also with NAFA Renal Services branch.

NAFA Medical Departments:

   Critical Care Department

Critical Care department mainly deals with high specialty medical devices covering most of the department in the hospitals.

NAFA Medical represents the following products range: 
      Aortic Intervention
      Critical Care
      Interventional Radiology
      Lead Management
      Peripheral Intervention
      Women's Health

     Orthopedic Department
Orthopedic department deals with implants, immobilization and support, compression therapy or set system.

NAFA Medical represents the following products range: 
      Spinal Fixation

  Knee & Hip Prosthesis
  Compression therapy

      Pharmaceutical Department

NAFA Medical represents the following products range:  

      Immuno Suppressant

      Herbal Products

      Generic Medications

    Renal Department
Renal department deals with dialysis machines, consumables solutions, and services, as well as After sales service (operation, maintenance, and spare parts)

   Public Health Department

Public Health Department deals with infection prevention and control.


NAFA Medical represents the following products range: 

      Skin & Hand Antiseptics
      Hard Surface Disinfectants
      Spill Kits

   Environmental Hygiene Department
Environmental Hygiene Department deals with dangerous waste management.

NAFA Medical represents the following products range:

      Medical Waste Management Systems
      Carcass Incinerators

   Consumables Department
Consumables & Disposables department deals with wide range of hospital and healthcare consumables.

NAFA Medical represents the following products range:

      Moist wound treatment/wound management
      General wound care products
      Swabs and ribbon gauze
       Sterile kit for O.R. and out patient department
       Ophthalmic products
       Dermatological products
   Products for compression therapy
       Products for immobilization


  Veterinary Department
Veterinary department deals with wide range of veterinary medicines.

NAFA Medical represents the following products range:

  Anti Inflammatory
      Digestible Drugs

   O.R. Department

O.R. department deals with wide range of operating room instruments and tools.

NAFA Medical represents the following products range: 

      Orthopedic Plaster Instruments
      Micro Instruments
      Gynecological Electro-surgery/Laser Instruments
  Nasal & Nasal Plastic Instruments


  Medical Equipment Department

Medical Equipment Department deals with wide range of medicine devices.

NAFA Medical represents the following products range: 

      Hospital Beds
  Therapy Chairs
      Over bed Tables
  Refrigerators for Medical Use


  Biomedical Engineering Department

Biomedical Engineers and Technicians are well trained inside the Kingdom and abroad by the manufacturers.  Their main task is to install and maintain medical equipment delivered by NAFA, as well as the general maintenance of medical equipment for governmental hospitals. They are supported by mobile workshops and over 200 engineers and technicians within NAFA.


  Material Handling Management

NAFA Medical has fully equipped warehouses and distribution points managed by materials department personnel. They manage shipping to Saudi Arabia, land transportation, customs, port handling, warehousing and delivery to customers. All medical products are handled by specialized vehicles approved by SFDA.

NAFA has a license from SFDA to operate pharmaceutical store and medical devices operations.


  Customers Accounts Management

Customer Accounts are handled by Customer Accounts Department. Customer Relations and Customer Satisfaction on their priority. This department keeps track of all payments dues from customers.


  Vendors Accounts Management

Vendors Accounts are handled by Vendors Accounts Department. This department keeps close coordination between NAFA and vendors on all matters concerning vendors. This department also track payments for vendors.


  Study and Contracts Management

Tenders and Contracts are handled by Study and Contracts Department. Strict procedures are followed to respond to tenders and contracts requirements. Local laws are followed in preparing tenders and executing contracts.


  Marketing and Business Development

Marketing and Business Development are very important aspect of NAFA operation. Highly qualified company employees are dedicated for this purpose.


  Planning and Follow Up

Planning and Follow-Up are very important aspects of the operation of the business. Plans for each department as well as combined plans are prepared annually under the supervision of planning and follow-up department. This department will follow-up the execution plan approved by the company to ensure the proper implementation for each plan and to review the outcome quarterly with the management.


 Head Office
NAFA Building - 536 Takhassosy St., P.O. Box 230099 Riyadh 11321, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 1 470-8888 Fax: +966 1 470-8855 Toll No.:

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