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NAFA Maintenance & Services, a branch of NAFA Enterprises, a Saudi Arabian limited liability company,  was established in 1989 with corporate offices located in Riyadh.  Our Commercial Registration No. is 1010068141/007 and its Chamber of Commerce Membership No. is 38312.  NAFA Maintenance & Services specializes in the diverse field of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) encompassing the public, private, industrial and commercial sectors.   NAFA and/or its management have successfully provided support services to major clients within Saudi Arabia.    NAFA's management key personnel were the team responsible for the mobilization, implementation and operation of the Personnel Support Services provided to McDonnell Douglas F-15 Peace Sun Program, the Boeing Peace Shield Program, and for ongoing operational support to the US Corps. of Engineers Kingdom-Wide Program.

NAFA Enterprises, Ltd. is the owner of NAFA Maintenance & Services. Collectively, there is a total of 2000 employees in Saudi Arabia, the United States, England, France, Greece, Egypt and elsewhere throughout the world.

NAFA corporate offices are in a modern recently constructed 4,000 sqm., Local Area Network (LAN) wired intelligent building located in the Olaya section of Riyadh.  The corporate offices are staffed with highly qualified employees possessing extensive business experience in the Kingdom and elsewhere throughout the world.  In addition to the corporate office, there are offices located in Jeddah, Dammam, Khamis Mushiat, Madinah, England, France, Egypt, and Washington, DC.  Each project within the company has assigned a Project Manager and fully staffed offices to meet project requirement.

A complete range of banking and financial services to satisfy company requirements has been established and is being maintained with major financial institutions.  Financial and Administrative support are provided from NAFA Enterprises Ltd. service centers.

Annual certified audits and interim periodic financial reviews are conducted throughout the fiscal year by an established, responsible and independent certified public accounting firm.


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