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The farm is situated in the city of Al-Kharj, 80 km south east of Riyadh.

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Area :- 1 Million Square Meters
Date of Establishment : 1978
Climate  Conditions over the year

Irrigation Resources

The farm sites on ground water wells: There are found well at the deep ranging between (250) M to (300) M with fresh water. Salt percentage is only between 500 to 750 ppm. It is categorised as excellent water and even suitable for drinking.


Characterised by height to yellow clay earth.


4 Agriculture Engineers
2 Mechanics
2 Drivers
6 Technicians
25 Farmers

From many nationalities.


The Farm has two main activities:

First : Commercial production activity the following aspects:-

  • Production of palm trees plants, dates and pollinators.

  • Production of vegetables in green houses such as tomato Cherry, sweets and hot pepper, beans and such alike.

  • Production of Strawberry in greenhouses.

  • Production of fruits such as fig. GRABES ext.

  • Mulberry and lotus jujube.

  • Production of  green fodder's.

  • Production of sheep (Najdi & Naiemi)

  • Production of honey and bees breeding.

  • Aviculture

  • Production of hot pepper (madam gncet)

Second : Research Activities:-

  • Make experiments for the new agricultural products and accordingly recommend their import and sole by NAFA Agriculture.

  • The Saudi pyramid:   It is a building of concrete in a pyramid shape covering 500 square meters with 215 meters deep  under ground.   

  • Make experiments for the factories of NAFA (SYNTECH for plastic products and NAFA Metal Works Factory).

Farm Location:
Al-Kharj: Tel (966 1) 5512242 Fax (966 1) 5512383

Head Office
NAFA Building - 536 Takhassosy St., P.O. Box 230099 Riyadh 11321, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 1 470-8888 Fax: +966 1 470-8855 Toll No.:

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