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This is the holding company which manages and supervises all members of the NAFA Group. It was established as a sole proprietorship in 1984 and became a company with limited liability in January of 1988. The company's Commercial Registration No. is 1010068141, the Chamber  of Commerce Membership No. is 9935 and its paid capital is SR 30,000,000,00. The headquarters is located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company provides management and support services for the entire group in administrative affairs, financial matters, public relations, tenders, procurements, shipping and stores. The company is also involved in many kinds of investments in Saudi Arabia and abroad. The company also engages in commercial activities, OTC products, tendering, and international trade.

The company has several departments and division as follows:-


Head Office
bullet President Office
bullet Special Projects Department
bullet Advisory Department
bullet Investment Department
bullet Contracts Administration Department
bullet Legal Affairs Department
bullet Credit Department
bullet Support Srvcs. (Admin, Finance, Materials handling, Shipping, Warehousing, etc.)
bullet Marketing & Sales Management Department
bullet NAFA Agriculture Division
bullet NAFA Medical Division
bullet NAFA Trading Division
bullet NAFA Maintenance & Services Division
bullet NAFA Industries Division
bullet NAFA Technology
bullet NAFA Renal Services (NRS)

bullet Riyadh Branch
bullet Jeddah Branch
bullet Dammam Branch
bullet Khamis Mushayt Branch
bullet Al-Jouf Branch
bullet Medina Branch
bullet Qassim Branch
bullet Al-Kharj Branch
bullet Syntech Factory
bullet NAFA Engineering Products Factory


Special Projects division is involved in various large scale co-operations with well known international companies to execute projects that require special skills. It offers consulting services to international companies desiring to do business in the Kingdom.  It also participates in NAFA joint ventures and partnerships with others for specific works. Some special business that is done outside the Kingdom is also handled by this division.

Professionals with extensive experience and know how in the fields of Saudi law, Tender Regulation, Contracting, Government Correspondence, Public Relations, Specification Writing, Tender Procedures, Tenders Evaluation Reviews, etc. Our Group's experiences and knowledge are offered to our international partners through consulting agreements, in order to guide them properly, while doing business in Saudi Arabia.

This includes providing marketing assistance, review of quotations before submittals, and review of correspondence to insure the correct phrasing. Support services are also provided to our partners locally such as administration, accounting, materials handling, shipping, mail services, etc. Also our Special Projects Division coordinates technical support services required by our partners with other NAFA Technical Divisions, such as maintenance, installations, warehousing, etc.

Many partnerships were made between NAFA and other international partners for different types of work. Due to the special nature of that work, it is not possible to list it here. Some of our international partners are BROWN & ROOT, SIKORSKY, ABACUS, EADS, GIAT GUY COACH S.A. and others.


In order to perform properly, it is essential for companies to keep updated and responsive to all local laws, rules, and traditions. This department, with its specialized employees, advises the Group with all relevant developments occurring in the legal or administrative system in the Kingdom.


In order to diversify the investment of the Group, a special team advises the Group about potential investment opportunities.

 Head Office
NAFA Building - 536 Takhassosy St., P.O. Box 230099 Riyadh 11321, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 1 470-8888 Fax: +966 1 470-8855 Toll No.:

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