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NAFA Employment and Recruitment Office (NERO) was established in response to Government efforts to organize and regulate the recruiting and employment of Saudi and Non-Saudi employees through specialized companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NERO was established under License No. 489 from the Ministry of Labor.

NERO has Commercial Registration No. 1010164886.

The objectives of NERO are to:


Support the private sector in provision of qualified staffing.


Qualified Saudis for employment in the Kingdom.


Recruit qualified Non-Saudis for employment by companies in the Kingdom


Help train workers and employees.


Provide laborers and or staff to others on a short or long term basis.

Recruitment generally means provision of professional, technical and household laborers to public and private enterprises, companies, establishments and individuals. This definition is the concept of NAFA Employment and Recruitment Office (NERO) extends to include raising of work performance of the client in terms of quality and quantity, through securing guaranteed laborers in the required field of work.


NERO has build it goodwill and reputation on strict commitment to the acknowledged work practices, accuracy and transparency rather than the objective of gaining profit


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