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NAFA Agriculture have well qualified and professional manager, sales supervisors and salesmen from Saudi Arabia and also from other countries.

NAFA Agriculture is well equipped with many branches around the Kingdom and network of distributors at the rural areas of the Kingdom.

NAFA Agriculture has been, for twenty five years, supplying complete range of agricultural products such as indoor and outdoor vegetable seeds, green houses, alfalfa seeds, soluble and liquid fertilizer, insecticides, acarcides, fungicides, herbicides, irrigation equipments and veterinary materials.

NAFA Agriculture has spread its market to various countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman (GCC countries), Sudan, Egypt and Iraq. NAFA products have been well accepted for their quality and performance.

In order to provide our customer with high quality products and services we have equipped and established quality management procedure for full satisfaction of the customers for products performance and quality.


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